What is NFP?

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a safe and healthy method of planning your family. It is 100% natural. No chemicals. No devices.

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Find A Teacher

Want to learn or need some assistance? Search for certified NFP instructors in your area.


Find A Class

The best way to learn NFP is by attending a Main NFP Series taught by professionally trained volunteers, who have seen the benefits of NFP in their own lives.



We proudly teach Natural Family Planning (NFP) and invite you to learn more about NFP and what it can do for your marriage, your health, and your community!

At CCL we routinely hear of the frustrating, bothersome, and tragic consequences of the choice to use unnatural methods to space births. Some women have even lost their ability to conceive due to their use of an artificial method. Natural Family Planning offers a much healthier and more positive approach to family planning, for which thousands of couples are grateful!


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